The Civnet management team:
Natan Ben-Natan, Chairman
Rudi Lokits, CEO
Igal Leshem, CTO
Amir Avrahm, VP Marketing and Customer Support
Viki Kanditan, VP R&D and Medical Technology
Diana Ber, VP Programming and Communication Technology

The human resource is our main asset. We employ IT developers, software and communication engineers, system analysts, mechanical engineers, implementation and deployment specialists, and trainers.

  • Civnet employees have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of medical technology and its various complementary fields such as software engineering, mechanical engineering, data communication, signal processing, and more.
  • We have strong service orientation and make a point of analyzing in depth and fully understanding the needs of your organization.
  • Civnet development and implementation teams remain committed to your organization after the successful completion of the project to ensure that you derive the full clinical and business benefit from Civnet equipment