The field of medical technology is highly specialized and requires extensive experience both in health care and in a range of technological fields, including software and hardware engineering, electronics, signal processing, and more. It also requires thorough knowledge of medical administration, standards, regulatory requirements, compliance, and legal matters. With long and specialized experience in this field, Civnet staff can help your organization implement your own custom solutions based on a combination of standard components, configured to meet your unique needs, or develop new solutions specifically for your organization.

Our pool of consultants specializes in many areas, including RIS systems, CPR, integration, and more. It includes experts in development, implementation, deployment and training, providing wall-to-wall coverage for your medical technology needs. The elite team of Civnet professionals is experienced in the range of clinical and technological issues that can arise in the deployment and operation of medical equipment, and can offer effective solutions to any problem, including for systems that contain components supplied by other vendors.

The professional services offered by Civnet consultants include specification, development, implementation, deployment, support and maintenance. Civnet's troubleshooting experts specialize in identifying problem areas and provide technological and applicative solutions based on a thorough understanding of the most advanced tools and processes in medical engineering.