Improved safety in prescribing and dispensing of medication

CIV-DAS is a real-time pharmacological alert system designed to increase patient safety during treatment. It alerts physicians, as they are prescribing the medication, of potential errors. CIV-DAS integrates seamlessly with any computerized solution for medicine prescription such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry).
CIV-DAS screens prescription information in real time and alerts the physician or pharmacist of potential problems, such as:

  • drug-to-drug interactions with other medications the patient is taking
  • drug-allergy and drug-disease interactions
  • drug-lab result interactions
  • drug-food interactions
  • wrong daily/individual dosage, taking into account patient information (age, weight, indications, etc.)
  • duplicate therapy

CIV-DAS uses the Thomson Micromedex® Healthcare Series gateway to a large number of databases containing information on drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute case, and alternative medicine.

  • Increased patient safety by minimizing the risk of error in prescribing medications
  • Easily integrated with the enterprise knowledge base and with existing EMR/CPOE/PIS solutions
  • Flexible alert definition capabilities
  • Modular solution, enabling departments to choose the severity of alerts displayed and increase sensitivity step-by-step
  • Flexible alert positioning, enabling users to specify the location and appearance of alerts