Integrated medication cart and mobile computer

CIV-MD20 provides mobile computing ability and convenient storage in dispensing medications. The handy and flexible cart enables physicians and nurses to gain access to digital resources (diagnostic images, patient records, medical databases, etc.) anywhere on hospital grounds. CIV-MD20 is an integrated system, in which the computer and power supply are built into a mobile unit specifically designed to meet medical needs.

CIV-MD20 includes: (a) cart with special cabinet with compartments for medication, (b) internal power supply and UPS, (c) computer, (d) Wi-Fi

The cart accommodates a range of computer and power system types. You can use either the standard recommended configuration or devices of your choice.

  • Easy and comfortable movement with superior quality wheels
  • Easy to maintain hygiene for the safety of patients and medical staff
  • Clean design and large working surface
  • Extended working time of up to 8 hours away from mains power
  • All cables are concealed
  • Led indicators continuously display charge status