Advanced data management and surveillance for the labor and delivery rooms

CIV-OB is an obstetrical information management and medical device monitoring system. It manages fetal and maternal information and clinical data on labor progression acquired by a range of bedside monitors. CIV-OB collects data in real-time from up to seven fetal and BirthTrack monitors (a new method for continuous labor progression monitoring) and integrates it into a unified system. CIV-OB enables clinicians to track the data from all monitoring devices in the labor room and from all beds through a single interface.

CIV-OB interfaces easily with the patient file and serves as an electronic medical record (EMR), pulling together all patient information, so that the user experience is that of one system. CIV-OB provides graphic display of both real-time and historical patient/clinical data over the hospital network or the Web.

The high availability of the system and the status of the database are continuously monitored by built-in control components. The advanced UI can be localized in any language supported by Microsoft.

By bridging the gap between the functionality of legacy equipment and the current needs of the medical staff, CIV-OB protects your investment in existing equipment. Upgrading the functionality of legacy systems also improves the quality of medical treatment and patient care parameters.
No other system provides a combination of features and benefits that can match CIV-OB:

  • Integrates data from a variety of monitors by different vendors
  • Interfaces with any HIS/RIS in real-time
  • Fully seamlessly integrates with any IT CPR system
  • Interoperates with devices in the newborn environment, including HP, GE, Philips
  • Maintains indefinitely a complete history of the FHR monitor data, providing comprehensive documentation for legal and compliance purposes