Civnet develops and markets IT products with medical application for hospitals and clinics. Civnet products support the medical staff in point of care (POC) treatment. The Civnet line of products relies on advanced technology to provide medical organizations with innovative equipment for more accurate and efficient treatment, better risk management, and more efficient coordination and utilization of medical information.

An experienced team of elite hardware and software professionals is employed in the development, implementation, and deployment of Civnet's medical applications. We use the leading tools in the field to improve the flow of medical information in your organization, improve the interoperability of devices, and protect your investment in legacy equipment.

In addition to the clinical and technological benefits our customers derive from Civnet devices, they achieve fast return on investment by upgrading the functionality of their legacy equipment, optimizing the integration of IT components, minimizing risks, streamlining documentation, and improving compliance.

We observe the most stringent professional standards to help you configure and deploy the new equipment in your hospital and clinic, and provide complete implementation, deployment, and end-to-end support.

We continuously strive for leadership in the medical technology market, with strong emphasis on service orientation and commitment to both our customers and our employees.

We reward innovation, originality, and creativity.

Business Principles

  • Communication, respect, mutual trust, teamwork, and knowledge sharing
  • Exceeding customer expectations in performance
  • Perfect projects, within budget and on schedule
  • Long-term relationships with customers, based on commitment to collaboration and joint success