The Civnet team of experienced software engineers can help you develop your solutions to meet the specialized requirements of your clinical application. With over 20 years of experience in IT, with strong emphasis on medical applications, our elite team of specialists combines knowledge medical informatics and clinical applications with expertise in various areas of IT. Civnet solutions ensure improved processes and are custom-tailored to your clinical and business needs.

Our turnkey solutions, in which we assume full responsibility for the project, are carried out according to the highest standards of development, including advanced user interface and human engineering. We also produce formal documentation and handle FDA and CE regulatory approvals.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Medical management and information systems
  • NET technologies
  • Highly distributed applications
  • Support for a wide range of architectures
  • Support for Microsoft MSSQL and InterSystems Cach√© as core storage layers
  • Real-time communication with medical equipment using various types of protocols

We evaluate each project based on your clinical and business needs and on your existing infrastructure, and together with create a detailed system specification. During the implementation stage, we assume responsibility for component testing, integration, system configuration, and customization according to your requirements. Before acceptance, we test the entire system again. To deploy a new system, we set up an end-user training program, and we provide support and maintenance, including technical product support, upgrades, and hot fixes.

The broad knowledge of our experts enables us to fine-tune the products we develop for you from the clinical point of view, simplify your processes to increase their effectiveness, and improve control and monitoring.

Our best practices ensure quick, easy, and economical implementation. All our systems are designed with a view toward return of investment over a minimal period of time by immediate improvement of business performance at your medical setting.